About Us

Cub Scout Pack 641 is:
  • Fun with a Purpose!  A primary goal of Pack 641 is to gather boys and their parents/guardians together in a fun environment to learn respect, self-confidence, and good decision-making.
  • Service. We seek to provide age appropriate opportunities to serve our community as a way of teaching our boys that they have a responsiblity to help and look out for those around them.
  • Family.  We never want kids to miss out on the fun things we do.  If you are debating bringing you son to an event because another child is at home and you can't find someone to watch over him/her, please bring them along.  While this is Cub Scouts, we ALWAYS welcome the entire family.
  • Volunteers.  Every Scout Leader you see is an unpaid volunteer with a son in the Pack.  We cannot do this without the willing contributions of time and effort from everybody.  Please join us and help out.
  • Welcoming. Every boy can join this Pack - no matter what school he attends, what football team he likes, what color his skin might be, or what challenges he might face.  We are open to join at any time during the year.
  • Safe.  We take child protection and safety seriously.  Nothing is more important than our kids' well being.  Everyone of us must learn and use the BSA Youth Protection requirements.
  • Open to new ideas.  We want to upgrade some part of our Pack program every year so if you have an idea, bring it to the table.
  • Just the beginning!  We prepare boys to join the Boy Scouts.  While not everyone goes on to Boy Scouting and even fewer stick around to achieve Eagle, our goal is to get our boys and their families excited and ready to join a Troop.
Have Fun, Seek an Adventure, Do Your Best!